Eulogy for the Sports Section

Today, it is with heavy hearts that we gather on behalf of our beloved friend, the sports section.


The sports section was with us through all the ups and downs of Tatler through the pandemic, and with its enduring, optimistic spirit, it gave us the confidence to keep on going. To write that article now, instead of procrastinating until the day after final drafts are due. To ask for that interview, though we didn’t have the energy to even move. The sports section was always there to motivate us.

And through the cancellations of most sports over COVID, through the many months that the sports section remained empty without any articles, it always had the unwavering will to stay alive. It never gave up. When the sports section was met with declining interest, it had scrambled for life, begging passerby after passerby to write for it, to keep it alive with their articles, sinking its hooks into unsuspecting writers as new topics surfaced one by one; the Olympics, the sport programs, and so much more. One writer, it begged each month, just one. And it scraped by.

The sports section was always such a cheerful presence, reminding us of alumni and recent achievements in sports. Upon reflecting on our time together, it wasn’t just the hours spent learning about sports and athletes, it was the skills of persuasion the sports section passed down, the knack of how to inspire writers to come.

But over the years, little by little, it was pushed to the recesses of our minds, hidden in the back pages of Tatler, lost and forgotten. And so, we ask today, on the brink of seeing our beloved sports section wither away, for you to join the movement to revive it. Just one article a month. Please. 

If by any chance a reader not in Tatler is moved to join the revitalization effort, fear not! For those interested, please contact Hallie X ’23 for information on guestwriting. You too can help revive our beloved section.


R.I.P. Sports Section

(And, by the way, with just one article a month you can save 15% more on car insurance. GEICO.)