New Course Offerings Added


This last year was one of many firsts. The Lakeside administration has recognized this and plans to offer additional courses in the 2021-2022 Lakeside Upper School Curriculum. Inspired by things that became normal in 2020-21, teachers and administrators put their minds together to create fun, new, and interesting courses. Tatler was granted early access to these new courses, and we are excited to reveal some of our favorites. If you are interested in any of these, make sure to write them down as these are certain to be popular amongst students. 


A290 Intermediate Mask Making

This class is intended for all art students with a strong interest in sewing who would like to continue to develop the technical and aesthetic aspects of their work. In Intermediate Mask Making, students are provided with an advanced-level curriculum and demonstrations that teach them how to create complex or simple masks. Throughout the year, students explore the issues of mask wearing in society and its incorporation into the high fashion industry. Students will have creative freedom and learn to work independently on self-assigned projects while exploring materials of their own choice. Students will have three or more opportunities to exhibit and showcase their artwork, including a showcase of select projects made during the spring semester.

Course length: Yearlong

Prerequisites: None


E487  Studies in TikTok Stardom

Studies in TikTok Stardom is a course that explores the culture of the social media powerhouse. Through case studies and research, students will come to understand how to build fame through social media no matter their initial skill level. Students will begin the year by creating their own TikTok account. If successful, the student should expect account growth throughout the semester. Students will learn how to assess trends within the app, how to make relatable content, and study the algorithm to reach the broadest possible audience. Students will also learn the importance of using popular sounds and hashtags to boost popularity. 

Course length: Semester course

Prerequisites: E302


H425 United States History 2020

Starting with political tensions with Iran, President Trump’s impeachment, the emergence of Coronavirus, social justice, and the 2020 election, this course will explore the causes and long-term effects of the events of 2020. By analyzing various genres of modern art such as literature, music, movies and visual art as well as mainstream media coverage students will investigate what it means to be an American at this specific juncture in history.

Course length: Yearlong course

Prerequisites: H200